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March 15, 201807:57 PM
RT @SEEK_Geek: 20 years ago today the @seekjobs website launched! Here's a look at how we've changed over the years
March 15, 201807:49 PM
March 14, 201805:32 PM
RT @david_green_uk: Case Study: Using ONA to Identify Hidden Stars Who Can Help Boost Revenue by @robcross_ona #HRA…
March 14, 201801:58 AM
What are the retail jobs that don’t exist yet? Fancy yourself a Head of Holograms, Freelance Hacker or Virtual Currency Treasury Manager?
As in many industries, technology and new consumer behaviour is changing the shape of retail. But what yet-to-be-created jobs are on the horizon for the sector?
March 13, 201807:18 PM
Our Chief Product Officer @daynenash Is speaking at #DisruptHR #Melbourne on Wednesday, 21 March. Join us! Tickets…
March 13, 201807:07 PM
Disrupt HR Melbourne - Choice Career Services If you're in Melbourne next Wednesday, Disrupt HR Melbourne is on at European Bier Cafe and Aer Rooftop Bar. Our Chief Product Officer Dayne Nash will be presenting together with Kristyn Haywood, Director at People for Success, Penelope Cottrill Principal ...
March 7, 201807:00 AM
Hey #HIMSS18 - don't forget to claim your free healthcare HR tech eBook: #hcldr #hchrweek
March 5, 201812:39 AM
'Stand with me': Frances McDormand gets every female Oscar nominee on their feet Frances McDormand's powerful Oscar acceptance speech calls for more opportunities for women in film and adoption of inclusion riders.

An inclusion rider clause in a contract requires a certain level of diversity of cast and crew working on a film.
March 4, 201808:56 PM
"Overcoming the challenges confronting leaders of remote workers need not be daunting. It boils down to a few eleme…
March 4, 201808:48 PM
Recipe For Success: Managing A Remote Workforce Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith outlines the three main ingredients in the recipe for success to managing a remote workforce.
The benefits of a remote workforce are compelling; they include increased productivity, improved health and well-being for workers, to name a few. Overcoming ...
February 28, 201808:39 PM
RT @AuburnHr: This week we are excited to host @PageUpPeople, our partners in the TigerTalent project. We are working together -- while uti…
February 28, 201806:13 PM
Auburn University Human Resources This week we are excited to host PageUpPeople, our partners in the TigerTalent project. We are working together -- while utilizing AU employee feedback -- to create a new Talent Management System for our campus. Learn more about this exciting ...
February 20, 201806:30 PM
Wishlist: What HR and business leaders want in Singapore Budget 2018 via @Mag_HR
February 18, 201804:00 PM
From teams looking to take the pain out of peer feedback, to those looking to automate manual processes on a global…
February 18, 201804:00 PM
PageUp's hackathon - TuneUp - delivers value for customers and employees From teams looking to take the pain out of peer feedback, to those looking to automate manual processes on a global scale, creative collaborations drove ideas and experiments at PageUp’s latest hackathon. Check out what happened at TuneUp here:
February 14, 201805:49 PM
When 58% of companies say a lack of quality candidates for key roles is their biggest challenge, and 80% say they'r…
February 14, 201804:26 PM
RT @HRM_Asia: With transformation still a key theme, we take a look at the three towering issues that could reinvent HR practices this year…
February 11, 201808:17 PM
Getting Online Recruiting Right For Your SMB Company - PageUp Enabling growth for SMBs is about more than using an online job board - it's about the systems that need to be in place to accelerate your talent acquisition.
Starting out, many SMBs use paper-based processes to recruit employees, but ...
February 11, 201808:13 PM
Enabling growth for SMBs is about more than using an online job board - it's about the systems that need to be in p…
February 8, 201807:42 PM
RT @TheGarbWire: Speaker: @SimonGriffiths from @whogivesacrap | "Customer Service as Marketing - we have a team that can turn a potential b…
February 8, 201807:37 PM
RT @tsushow: Being a good ally for diverse people:
“You’re going to make mistakes. Stand up with them, listen, listen, listen, and work tog…
February 8, 201807:37 PM
RT @jabadkelly: "Allyship is using your privilege to help others" Great talk by @mbrianaepler at #PauseFest on being an ally for diverse pe…
February 8, 201812:16 AM
February 7, 201811:51 PM
Doctors no longer have to process MRI results (of 3D objects, us) presented in 2D. @HoloLens allows doctors to be…
February 7, 201811:30 PM
VR is the only technology I know that can spread empathy like a virus. - Lawrence Crumpton @HoloLens #virtualreality #pausefest #pause2018
February 6, 201811:56 PM
RT @PauseFest: Marissa Rosenberg explaining about how @NASA is using VR to help astronauts regain their balance after being in space. #NASA…
February 6, 201811:53 PM
RT @LilVillageAus: “Don’t hire in your own image. Hire to complement. Someone has to make, someone has to sell. #Diversity is key.” - @GuyK…
January 17, 201803:15 PM
Full transcript: Former Netflix Chief Talent Officer Patty McCord on Recode Decode "I always say the managers only have one job, put together great teams that do amazing work, on time, with quality. Done." - Patty McCord (Former Netflix Chief Talent Officer)
Her new book is called "Powerful: Building a Culture of ...
January 15, 201803:30 PM
Why People Really Quit Their Jobs Do people quit bosses or jobs? Facebook People Analysts identify 3 things people who stay identify strongly with: enjoying their work; using their strengths; gaining skills and experience to develop their careers.
And how to motivate them to stay.
January 9, 201810:16 PM
Young doctors struggle to learn robotic surgery – so they are practicing in the shadows Fascinating discussion on The Conversation about the challenges of teaching surgeons how to use robots - they're often left observing rather than participating (as they would with traditional surgery). One surgeon comments: "Watching a movie doesn’t make you an actor, ...

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