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March 22, 201705:37 PM
RT @PageUpPeople: Check out our #hr bootcamp toolkit to develop strategies and actions to successfully cross the chasm #hrcliffhanger https…
March 22, 201705:31 PM
When #hr relies on best practices, it stops us from innovative thinking. Design thinking will drive HR strategy #hrcliffhanger
March 22, 201705:25 PM
Check out our #hr bootcamp toolkit to develop strategies and actions to successfully cross the chasm #hrcliffhanger
March 22, 201705:17 PM
The profile of #hr practitioners will be very different to the one of the past - people persons need not apply #hrcliffhanger
March 22, 201705:05 PM
#HR has a vigilant role to play in strategic business to ensure that the teams we're putting together are the people of the future
March 22, 201705:00 PM
'Imagine if there's no CV and all we have is a network. How can we get #hr to that stage?' - Cait Hayes, Director P…
March 22, 201704:34 PM
The end of the employee will see workers thinking of their future in terms of currency: mobility #hr #hrcliffhanger
March 22, 201704:09 PM
'We live in exciting times and the future is ours to create' - Karen Cariss, CEO PageUp #hr #hrcliffhanger #pageup
March 22, 201703:44 PM
#hrcliffhanger launches in Sydney today. Have you got your hands on a copy? #hr
March 21, 201703:11 AM
@scentwisle glad you enjoyed it Susan
March 20, 201705:52 PM
Timeline Photos Our expert panel taking to the stage at this morning's Cliffhanger book launch! Paul Birch, Director, People and Culture, Transdev talking about transformational change in transport industry and what that means for HR...Think driverless buses in 15-20yrs!
March 20, 201705:42 PM
'Population growth to go from 24.5mill to 50mill by 2050 - demand for goods and services only going to increase' Paul Birch #HRCliffhanger
March 20, 201705:41 PM
Timeline Photos The big day has finally arrived! Launching our new global research and book today 'Cliffhanger: HR on the Precipice in the Future of Work'. Download a sneak peak here:
March 20, 201705:32 PM
Future of augmentation will make us more capable people. In the future #HR will ask what do I really need humans to do? #hrcliffhanger
March 20, 201705:13 PM
@Airtasker an example of where work is going - current employment models will soon become irrelevant #hrcliffhanger - Paul Birch, Transdev
March 20, 201704:58 PM
'Organisations that are adapting quickly are the unicorns of the world' - Karen Cariss, PageUp #hrcliffhanger #HR
March 20, 201704:57 PM
'Leaders of tomorrow need to create a safe environment for experimentation and change' - Karen Cariss, CEO PageUp #hrcliffhanger #HR
March 20, 201704:47 PM
Panel taking to the stage. Paul Birch, @Transdev speaking about rapid change in transport industry #hrcliffhanger
March 20, 201704:44 PM
There are three intelligences #HR must have to succeed: Business, Cultural & Digital Intelligence #hrcliffhanger
March 20, 201704:38 PM
'#HR has a role to play in driving #innovation' #hrcliffhanger - Sylvia Vorhauser Smith
March 20, 201704:36 PM
'The problem with best practice is our reliance on them stops us from thinking differently' #hrcliffhanger #HR
March 20, 201704:30 PM
'What happens when people don't go to work because they have to, but because they want to? The end of the employee' #hrcliffhanger #HR
March 9, 201702:00 PM
Timeline Photos The number one enabler of innovation is top leadership! It's time for HR to step into the driver's seat. Download our global research for insight into how HR can drive a culture of innovation:
March 7, 201706:17 PM
Timeline Photos Good thymes! Our senior leaders refined their culinary skills during last night's team building activity. We may have the next Masterchef on our hands!
March 6, 201703:00 PM
Timeline Photos Yes, you can teach innovation! Get our latest research on how HR can help drive a culture of innovation here:
March 2, 201703:00 AM
Technology to propel growth of HR industry Technology to propel the growth of HR in the Philippines! Find out what organisations need to consider to create a sustainable talent acquisition approach here:
The economy grew 7.1 percent in the third quarter of 2016, driven mostly by ...
March 1, 201706:43 PM
Cracking the Innovation Code: What is the Role of Human Capital? ‘Innovate and adapt’ is the new corporate mantra, and rightly so. Get your free eBook with practical steps for HR to ramp up organisational innovation here:
‘Innovate and adapt’ is the new corporate mantra, and rightly so. Download this ...
February 20, 201702:30 PM
Timeline Photos Struggling to put new ideas into practice? It could be a process issue. Discover why both, technology and process, are needed to drive innovation in the workplace here:
February 15, 201703:00 PM
4 Steps to Make Employee Development Stick Before you commit financial resources and human capital to develop your leaders and workforce, ask yourself these questions:
Improve the way you improve your employees by making a plan for training and development.
February 15, 201701:00 AM
How a CRM Can Help You Hire Faster and Better In today's candidate-driven market, traditional recruiting no longer works! Explore how technology can help unlock the potential of proactive recruiting here:
It's time to shift from a basic job-to-candidate matching software to a candidate relationship management (CRM) solution.

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