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April 19, 201706:11 PM
RT @OrganiSolutions: The premise that authority, know-how and decisions cascade from the top is already coming undone @PageUpPeople https:/…
April 6, 201706:40 PM
RT @edd1819: W/ a Philippine-made shawl, @PageUp CEO Karen Cariss details her co-authored book 'Cliffhanger' on HR need to transform, or ea…
April 5, 201710:45 PM
"We want to co-create the future rather than be the recipient of the future" -- Eric Riego de Dios, Baker Mckenzie #hrcliffhanger
April 5, 201709:02 PM
"#HR, the driver to ignite the culture of #innovation" - Karen Cariss, PageUp CEO at Philippines #hrcliffhanger boo…
April 5, 201708:57 PM
HR best practice is going to be replaced by design thinking! #hrcliffhanger #workplace #hr
April 5, 201708:55 PM
Are #HR over analysing and over engineering HR practices? #hrcliffhanger #futureofhr #futureofwork
April 5, 201708:41 PM
"Every day the relationship between #technology and #people gets stronger" - Karen Cariss, PageUp CEO…
April 5, 201708:36 PM
Tech can never be alienating; it can only be an expression of our humanity - Douglas Coupland #hrtech #hrcliffhanger #tech
April 5, 201708:36 PM
"Aliens didn't come down to Earth and give us technology. We invented it ourselves" - Douglas Coupland #hrtech #hrcliffhanger #tech
April 5, 201708:31 PM
"New #business models are created around the world... they disrupt!" - Karen Cariss, PageUp CEO and Co-founder #hrcliffhanger #hr
April 5, 201708:27 PM
April 5, 201708:25 PM
#hrcliffhanger book launching in the Philippines today! Get your free chapter here: #hr…
April 3, 201710:46 PM
'Elements of HR could be automated. But coaching & developing leaders requires empathy' - Stephanie Nash, Chief Peo…
April 3, 201710:37 PM
'HR’s expertise is about understanding human nature, morale and purpose. This is worth nurturing.'- Yin Cheng Lau, HR advisor #hrcliffhanger
April 3, 201710:29 PM
'Leadership styles need to change to keep pace with the speed of market disruption' - Su-Yen Wong, CEO, @HCLIasia #hrcliffhanger #hr
April 3, 201710:26 PM
'The definition of “leader” needs to change. Leadership is now decentralized' - Aditi Madhok-Naarden, APAC HR Direc…
April 3, 201709:26 PM
'The very foundation of what HR has been built on – best practice – needs to be rethought and reshaped' #hr #hrcliffhanger #HumanResources
April 3, 201709:17 PM
‘Jobs will go. But many new jobs will appear. The jobs of the future will be more exciting and more rewarding.’ Kar…
April 3, 201709:07 PM
'The top 10 unicorns are worth $8m for every person they employ. This creates significant opportunities and challenges' #hr #hrcliffhanger
April 3, 201708:55 PM
'HR has been on a long journey of transformation. We’ve ended up on the precipice.' - Karen Cariss, CEO, PageUp #hr…
March 28, 201705:06 PM
PageUp™ Candidate Relationship Management Drive your own strategic sourcing capability! Discover how PageUp Candidate Relationship Management software can transform your talent sourcing from transactional to strategic here..
Proactive sourcing and talent pipelining made easy! Learn more about next generation proactive sourcing and pipelining ...
March 20, 201705:52 PM
Timeline Photos Our expert panel taking to the stage at this morning's Cliffhanger book launch! Paul Birch, Director, People and Culture, Transdev talking about transformational change in transport industry and what that means for HR...Think driverless buses in 15-20yrs!
March 20, 201705:41 PM
Timeline Photos The big day has finally arrived! Launching our new global research and book today 'Cliffhanger: HR on the Precipice in the Future of Work'. Download a sneak peak here:
March 9, 201702:00 PM
Timeline Photos The number one enabler of innovation is top leadership! It's time for HR to step into the driver's seat. Download our global research for insight into how HR can drive a culture of innovation:
March 7, 201706:17 PM
Timeline Photos Good thymes! Our senior leaders refined their culinary skills during last night's team building activity. We may have the next Masterchef on our hands!
March 6, 201703:00 PM
Timeline Photos Yes, you can teach innovation! Get our latest research on how HR can help drive a culture of innovation here:
March 2, 201703:00 AM
Technology to propel growth of HR industry Technology to propel the growth of HR in the Philippines! Find out what organisations need to consider to create a sustainable talent acquisition approach here:
The economy grew 7.1 percent in the third quarter of 2016, driven mostly by ...
March 1, 201706:43 PM
Cracking the Innovation Code: What is the Role of Human Capital? ‘Innovate and adapt’ is the new corporate mantra, and rightly so. Get your free eBook with practical steps for HR to ramp up organisational innovation here:
‘Innovate and adapt’ is the new corporate mantra, and rightly so. Download this ...
February 20, 201702:30 PM
Timeline Photos Struggling to put new ideas into practice? It could be a process issue. Discover why both, technology and process, are needed to drive innovation in the workplace here:
February 15, 201703:00 PM
4 Steps to Make Employee Development Stick Before you commit financial resources and human capital to develop your leaders and workforce, ask yourself these questions:
Improve the way you improve your employees by making a plan for training and development.

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